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First off I would like to appologize for my lack of blogs this past week. For some strange reason, I couldn't get onto my server to update...so yeah, that really really sucked. Anyway, that just means this blog is going to tell you everything that has happened this week and my thoughts about it all in one. Which I will probbably forget all about it. So maybe I will just highlight some stuff that I feel like I should.

The beginning of this week went buy without too much of anything interesting happening. Monday was a snow day where classes here at UofL were put back by two hours...so that was the extent of fun.
But by mid week I was quite happy. I had been talking to an old friend of mine, Brad Haynes who rescently opened a TaeKwonDo studio over in Clarksville Indiana. So this past wednesday I went over to work out and help with a class. It was great. I had a great workout, and I had an awsome time watching his students kcik and punch. They are very impressive Brad has a class act there, deffinately. The best news of this is simply that he said that I could drop buy as often as I could with school being the way it is. So not I have a place to work out and teach that is only four minutes away from school. And I have been missing that for a long time. Granted, my whole body aches...but that is the way it is when you are starting back again.

But back to the snow days, it has been great. This past week there have been two days that have been made to be two hour delays because of snow. Moday and this Friday. It is great. It allows me to do the homework that I normally have a lot of trouble getting done because of a lack of time. So yeah, that is fun.

But I dare say that one of the more interesting/desturbing things that has happened to me lately is a series of phone calls I recieved two nights ago. The first was around 11:30pm and was from no other than that Ex-Girlfriend of mine, Jordan Aldridge. She was freaking out over the phone. Apparently she had a mutual friend (Kyla) in her room sprawled on the floor because of a rescent drinking escapade where kyla had downed a tonne of alcohol. I calmed Jordan down, and after about 20 miinutes explained to Jordan how to take care of a very drunk person, at that time it had not seemed that bad. So the best advise I could give I gave and left Jordan to her own devises. I told her that if Kyla got any worse, and if Jordan didn't have any idea what to do...that she should call me again. (Yes, I swore never to talk to Jordan again, but...I think that this would trump that promise) Anyway, low and behold, about 1 hour later I get another call from Jordan who is freaking out on the other end of the phone, tearing up and just overall confused as to what to do. After a minute or two of getting Jordan calm, and eventually finding out how much Kyla really had to drink, (as well as the screaming on the other end of the phone) I told Jordan to hang up the phone, get and RA, and dial 911 as quickly as possible.
Unfortunately, I dont trust Jordan at all. So I IM'd Russ to make sure that Jordan did what she was told. He ran downstairs and watched the parametics come and take Kyla away. She was looking really bad.
The next day, she was able to breath on her own at about 1pm, and was released from the hospital at about 10pm. If the parametics had come a half hour later she would have died. Drink responsibly.

But despite the horrible, friday was a great day for me. Classes were late, and at about 3:30 when I got back to my dorm room I met up with my old friend Ray Yeager. Strangely enough, all of a sudden this grand idea of going sledding and visiting the McEachrons popped in so off we went. Russ and Amanda strangly showed up for this wonderful escapade. We headed off to Amandas to pick up some sleds and off to the McEachrons where we were met with a warm smile from the Mrs. THEN OFF WE WENT!
Amanda and I took Russ and Ray to our old stomping grounds at the back of my old neighborhood. The hill is about 40Ft tall with an incline of 75 degrees or so. It is the best sledding hill. We had a blast, half the times not even using sleds we just hurled ourselves off the top to see who could wipe out the best at the bottom. It was a masterpiece. Russ even brough his stupid little $6 snowboard from Target, or wallmart..or some place like that. He did suprisingly well on that.
But eventually our aching bodys needed some rest and relaxation, so we trekked back to the warm fireplace and hot chocolate that was provided to us at the McEachron home. It was a blast, I miss the McEachrons so much. They have always been the most kind and caring people I have ever met. They have taken me in more than anyone I can think of, they have always been there for me; from the biggest things, to the smallest things (like got chocolate). Anyway, I played pingpong with the old man of the house, and be the end of the day, Mr. M, Mrs. M, Russ, Amanda, Ray, and I sat down together at the Kitchen Table and at some good old homestyle chilli. It was for lack of a better word, Splendiforously Spectcuful. I wish I could have had a camera, sitting at the table with my best friends and my second family. If only Paula had been there :-( But our visit was cut short because of a Piano concert at Comstock Hall which, just like every other person who playes at Constock, is very very good. After that, we went to the lazer show at the planetarium. Which was cool because it was free for us, Ray was working that night.

Anyway, I cant write anymore...I am tired...and I am not in the writing mood...sorry for how bad this bog is.

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