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These are all of the reviews that I have requested and recieved. Whether they're good or bad, I'm putting them up. Here's what I have so far.

Punkalicious Reviews - the review
Reviewer: Rachel
Site: can't say
Date: 3/12/02

First Impression: 8/10 pts.
very pretty...i was impressed, some people (i.e. myself) go overboard with brushes sometimes, but you used them in moderation, which is good.

Splash 9/10 pts.
your splash was done very nicely..the colors were pretty, the brushes looked great, and the font matched the whole...attitude of the site. (and it just happens to be my absolute favorite font ever!)

Layout 8/10
as i said before, i liked how you used your brushes in moderation..but it made your layout a little simple looking. try to make it somewhat more exciting by using different shades of blue. also, inside the body tag, put topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" so you won't have a space between the top of the browser window and your pictures. also, the navigation going sideways was a nice touch :)

Organization 7/10
your navigation was fine, and the catagories were simple, except i was sort of thrown off when you had no bio section..visitors want to know about the site they're at! i found it eventually, but i suggest you make a separate section for that, instead of throwing it in the exit section.

Content 8/10
well, you had a TON of writings, which is good, because no one else will have your writings on your site, so its original. same goes for the graphics..try to add some other content though, that's a little more interactive, so the visitor feels like they're doing something. like a survey, or contests.

Originality 7/10
there were some things that were really original about your site, like how the layout went sideways, but the design itself wasn't really that original. those brushes are pretty common, and the way you arranged them was sorta mainstream as well. you did have some original content though, fanart and fanfic isn't very common on most sites.

Broken Links 4/5
didn't see any, except some of your graphics didn't load.

Loading time 5/5
didn't take long at all

Find the Code? 5/5
found it!

HTML Errors 10/10
didn't seen any distinct errors.

Overall Impression 14/15
the site looked really good, overall. try to work on making the graphics on your layout a little bit more original, and a little more complicated..not just a few swirl brushes! also, as i said, i'd suggest adding a section about you. your bio, likes, dislikes, etcetera.

Total: 84/100

Passionate Reviews - the review
That's a beautiful graphic, I hate to take off any points on you for this, but your requirements aren't there. [IE or Netscape, screen res, etc]

Loving your layout! Very simple, yet eye catching.

Nicely done. Back links would be a big plus here.

You could use more content. You can never have enough.

Love that you put your art and fanfic up, definitely makes you stand out.

You update very often.

Loading Time/
No problems here.

Graphics look great to me.

My Link/
Found it right away.

Spelling Errors/
I didn't see any.

Love the site design. Awesome. More content is the only thing I'd add to your site.

Total [91/100]

Plaque given /

Colouration Reviews - the review
092 Cant Say
Site Owner: Lenny
Reviewed by: Ceci
Reviewed on:06/03/02

Splash: 5/5
full marks here. the colors are pretty!

Layout: 18/20
the layout is a simple yet beautiful one. the design is very well done! i loved the font you used on the graphics as well. it looks kind of plain though, maybe you could add some more colors and whatnot.

Presentation: 15/15
no broken links or images.

Content: 15/15
the stories were a great addition to the site. i liked reading the gilmore girls fiction, because im a gilmore girls fan ;)

Interactivity: 7/10
the stories were great, but i think you should add some more interactive sections to your site.

Originality: 15/15
the stories were definitely original. the graphics are unique as well.

Guestbook: 8/10
your guestbook is nice. the colors match the layout and everything. i'd suggest adding a guestbook graphic to spice it up a little. otherwise, it's perfect!

Code: 5/5
found it easily!

Bonus: 5/5
you have a great site overall. i really like your stories + graphics as ive mentioned before.

OVERALL: 93/100

Bombtastic Reviews - the review
Percentage = 98
Reviewed By: Sally

Layout: 15/15
The layout was very simple, but it was beautiful, seriously. The whole site had a sense of elegance that definitely appealed to me. Very well organized although the "end" section is a bit puzzling until you actually go to it.

Navigation: 10/10
It was straight forward. The word took you to the section of the same name. The font was beautiful.

Content: 38/40
The short stories were amazing. Repeat Amazing. Some of them almost had me to tears. The one capture was excellent as well. The novellas, while I liked "Rain" I didn't like it as much as the short stories.

Broken Links / Errors: 7/7
Errors? What Errors?

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10
There were none, girl can spell.

B.R Link: 5/5
It was there.

Overall: 8/10
This site, and your writing, is amazing. I wish there were more people like you.

Total: 95/97

Friday Night Reviews - the review
DATE: 02+09+02
TOTAL: 101/100

+ SPLASH: 10/10
Splash is fine, very to-the-point, but cute.
+ LAYOUT: 9/10
I like the layout. It's very easy to navigate. But maybe if there was a little more color or decoration to it, it would catch your attention.
+ COLORS: 9/10
The colors are good! They all go well. But some of the lighter blues might be a little hard to read, although they are pretty! =)~
+ GRAPHICS: 10/10
I like the graphics. Most people use pictures, but the graphics are all words, yet very decorative. So a ful 10l points on that!
+ CONTENT: 22/25
The content is good. All the basic stuff. But maybe if there was a little more stuff to interact with, it would be better.
Definitely original. I like the way the graphics are original, and the way the site flows is different.
+ LINKS: 10/10
All the links are working!
+ GRAMMAR: 10/10
Grammar is fine!
+ BANNERS: 10/10
Aww! I really like the banners! Again, they are just words...so they make you wanna see what the site is about! Very good.
+ BONUS: Plus 5 pts