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Whether it's praise, constructive feedback, or hatemail, it's here. I appreciate anything; any affirmation that my fiction is getting out there. So please donate to this archive, no matter what you have to say. affirmation.

My first email. (Love you, Jen! :)
July 1, 2002.

Hey Lenny,

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing. I stumbled upon your site back when you had your yellow layout and I have been a fan ever since! As a Gilmore Girl fan, I'm totally digging the whole GG aspect of fanfiction and have even started to search for other GG fan sites.

I absolutely love the way you put together words; it always sounds so smooth, so beautiful - poetic even. Your stories aren't the usual teenage fluff with the over-used, unoriginal plot with the highly predicatable, blah kind of "lived happily ever after" ending. They're dark, thought-provoking, profound and detailed so well that I can almost feel the emotions that are in your stories. I hope you continue to create such amazing writings!


In case I haven't said it yet, thanks. This made my day. :)