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Layout #3-

This layout was named oblivion, and was made when Calla (of the former bombtastic.org) offered to host cantsay. I was so excited that I decided a brand-new look was in order, and this simple, blue brushed layout was born. It's without question my favorite so far. I love its simplicity and clean lines. I may not be the best or most impressive web designer in the world, but my idea of good design is something that doesn't detract from the words on the pages... and I think oblivion achieved this. I was quite sad to see it go. ;)

Used January 20, 2002 - July 12, 2002

Layout #2-

The inspiration for this layout came from messing with slices in Adobe ImageReady. The slice colors were orange, I liked it, and for some reason this came out of it. It was really simple, and I liked it. As a note, when I took these caps, my computer for some reason had misplaced the fonts Arial and Impact, which, of course, were what I used, so it might look kind of funny. I'll fix it once my computer's fixed.

Used November 30, 2001 - January 20, 2002

Layout #1-

This was the first layout for can't say. I'm pretty proud of it, although I've (hopefully) grown a lot as a graphic and web designer since then. I'm not the biggest Britney fan, but I really like these pictures of her.

Used August 17, 2001 - November 30, 2001