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another sweet little girl with sequined sea foam eyes...

Ah yes. What can I say about myself? First of all, my name is Lenny, and I own cantsay. I'm 18 years old, I live in Louisville, Kentucky, and I have dark blonde hair and green eyes. I think I'm pretty short, although I'm taller than most of my friends (I'm 5'6''). I'm also a dork. Nerd. Goober. Whatever you want to call it, I'm one. And I'm gonna marry Andrew McMahon.

Sometimes I snort when I laugh (but only when my allergies are trying to kill me), I love the color blue, web and graphic design, singing, dancing, writing, Harry Potter, animals, Twinkies, my friends, my new Mac Powerbook G4 named Peabody, and anything else that makes me smile. As long as you're nice and can put up with me, I'll love you.

I am a student at Middle Tennessee State University. I graduated from high school this May, and I'm loving the college experience so far. I'm majoring in music production and engineering, which means I'll be (you guessed it ;) a producer and engineer, and hopefully a successful one.

Yeah. Anyways, in case you haven't noticed, I talk a freaking lot. Get used to it. ;) So go click on some pretty little links and enjoy yourself. I appreciate all constructive feedback. (...aaand, if you're truly a masochist, here's some of my senior pictures, and one of me in a tree. and don't forget my self portrait... ahh!)