Welcome to Bęte Noir, a dark fic archive for all pairings, all ratings, all genre het fan fiction for "Smallville." Any and all Smallville het stories are welcome.  

Works in progress will not be accepted, unless they are entries in a complete series and each section is whole and complete within each part (ie. trilogies, sequels, etc.).   
This archive is for completed stories only. No story ending in to be continued... will be accepted!

Any and all Smallville het stories are welcome but only if they contain dark themes and as the owners of this site, we reserve the right to make the determination if the elements are dark enough.   
So no bitching if your fic is not posted.  

Fics must be beta-ed. We don't have the time nor the inclination to beta your fics for you.
Please make sure each story contains either at the top of the page or as a separate document, the following:   
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4. Pairing      
5. Genre
6. Summary/Synopsis of fic.